Through formal and informal educational experiences, K-12 youth throughout the U.S. will have equitable access to transformative and inspiring learning experiences that open doors for future life opportunities.

To close opportunity gaps and provide lifelong opportunities by transforming teaching and learning through an experiential maker approach that brings together youth and adult learners within collaborative communities.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal:  Every medium to large school district in the country will have, at least one, STE(A)M Truck mobile makerspace, sharing resources and targeting the most needy schools and students.

Over the next five years, Community Guilds is committed to strengthening and deepening its impact, while driving to greater scale and sustainability, in two main ways. First, Community Guilds will continue to refine its STE(A)M Truck and student engagement model, both by codifying and standardizing certain elements and by piloting variations to others. Second, Community Guilds will work to deepen its supports to educators over time, extending design thinking techniques into the classroom and creating longer-term sustainable impact.

In parallel, Community Guilds has set ambitious yet achievable plans to grow its reach while preserving its high bar for quality and maintaining a low cost for the programming (today, an average program cost per student of $200-300). Community Guilds aims to more than double its reach in 2015-16, with plans to serve roughly 900-1,000 students per platform per year at full utilization, and to expand to four platforms serving over 4,000 students in Metro Atlanta and other districts by 2020.