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Community Guilds is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non profit. Our EIN is 46-3220762

Value: Community Guilds delivers great value to schools who would like to provide experiential learning to their students, but are resource-constrained from an expertise, time, space, and money standpoint. Simply buying resources – such as 3-D printers, craft supplies, and basic tools – can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while a fully equipped physical space (“Fab Lab”) can run upwards of $100-150K. Layering on professional development and training for teachers around design thinking processes and methodologies, proper use of tools and resources, and integration of the maker-work into the curriculum requires significant incremental investment. The total price tag can reach $250-300K.Community Guilds is able to deliver its programming at an average cost per student of $200-300, or between roughly $15-30K for its 20-day classroom model and $80-140K for its fully-integrated, 120-day classroom model – both of which are delivered at no, or low, cost to the school. 


In other words, the overall value proposition is powerful. Community Guilds enables students in even the least-resourced schools to access making-focused learning experiences, and gives districts and schools the opportunity to explore the benefits of an innovation lab without building one, while beginning to deepen their own capacity around experiential learning.