Our Challenge

Georgia continues to face a crisis in the number of high school dropouts.  It currently has the third lowest graduation rate in the country. In fact, over 30,000 students dropped out of Georgia’s class of 2011.   And many students who do graduate are not ready to thrive in college.

The discrepancy in STEAM (science,technology, engineering, arts, math) careers is even more alarming.  African-Americans, American Indians, and Latinos combined represent only 12 percent of all undergraduate degrees in engineering.

At Community Guilds we pair college bound urban youth with local artisans and create opportunities where they learn to tinker, design and make things.   Our SteamTruck sparks student interests and our guild apprenticeships provides opportunities to learn 21st century skills in authentic settings.

Ultimately, our work will close the opportunity gaps in public education and attack three pain points:

  • Low graduation rates
  • Low college completion rates
  • Underrepresented youth in STEAM